Scoop Sofa Synthetic Leather- 3 Seater

Scoop Sofa Synthetic Leather- 3 Seater


3-Seater Corner Sofa w/ Adjustable Backrests

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Scoop Sofa Synthetic Leather- 3 Seater

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This amazing Scoop 3-Seater Corner Sofa has adjustable backrests. Its strong metal legs support the sofa safely.

Scoop Corner Sofa is a convenient and practical furniture piece to have around. The L-part is fixed but no worries, you can easily choose which side you want the L-part to be.

How to choose the L-Part?

  1. Face the sofa.
  2. If the L-part is on your left side, then choose the left side. If the L-part is on your right side, then choose on the right side.



3- Seater Synthetic Leather Corner Sofa
Adjustable Backrests
Adjustables 1-Side Armrest
Detachable Backrests
Detachable Armrests
Two Small Synthetic Leather Pillows
Metal Legs
Detachable L-Part
Fixed Side Placement

Item Dimension

266cm x 179cm x 74cm

Number of Seats


Package Sizes

# of Cartons: 2
• 182cm x 79cm x 33cm
• 165cm x 78cm x 58cm


Black Right, Brown Right, Grey Right, Grey Left, Brown Left, Black Left


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